Joining TOM JACKSON to discuss the postcards from his past is writer and traveller MAX LEONARD (Vintage Alpine Postcards, Higher Calling, Bunker Research and Lanterne Rouge). Together we head for the mountains, encountering on the way stolen cakes, power cuts and proof of penguins and pump rooms. We meet the spirit of the glacier, consider imagined mountain scenery, a revolving solarium and the underwhelming lights of Broadstairs. Wish you were here?

Paignton multiview, 19 July, 1985, “Dear Joan & all, Karen & I arrived home 7.50pm. Good trip home, thanks gain for having us. /freddy had put my cake for Dad in a tin but not before he cut a chuck out of it to eat he said he did not hear me say it was for Dad. I made another Monday put it in the oven 5 minutes later we had a power cut for 1 hour so that cake dont look to good. (Take care of yourself Joan) Love Maureen & family”

The Illuminations, Broadstairs, 20 August 1971, “We have had a good week – today is Friday and its raining. We saw Doris and Peggy on Tuesday – We went to the circus in Margate and Dreamland on Wednesday today it is “beat the tide” contest on the sand. See you soon love Janet”

Max’s fantastic postcard of the Rhone Glacier, by F. Killinger of Zurich. “Ma tres chere Josephine a un fils Depuis le 1 April bien portant. Bonjour de nous tous. Je t’embrasse.”

From Max’s book Vintage Alpine Postcards, the rotating solarium of Aix les Bains, built by a Dr Saidman in the 1920s.

Multiview featuring the Post Office Tower, 15 August 1977, “Dear Vi, I’m writing this on the coach as it trys to get out of the car park. We should have left at 5.15 but some were very late getting on bus and we are now in a jam. Wembley is great but the game was poor. All my love forever Graham xxxxxxx”

Special franks from the top of Snowdon: 1951 & 1990. 

Max’s postcard of Col du Parpaillon pass, showing supper time in the Alpine Chasseurs camp.

The authentic mountain experience? These travellers keep popping up in different locations. Cards from Max’s collection.

A musical postcard by Harvey Barton: Caernarvon Castle.