Joining TOM JACKSON to discuss the postcards from her past – in our new, streamlined format – is Curator: Design and Architecture at the Victoria and Albert Museum and photo-history researcher, ELLA RAVILIOUS (Eric Ravilious: Landscapes and Nature, What Photographs Do: The making and remaking of museum cultures). Together, we pitch Snoopy against The Red Baron, the Post Office Tower against Liverpool Cathedral and catch up on the onion news. Plus we time-travel at two speeds as we discuss the work of James Ravilious and the Beaford Archive. Wish you were here?

Croydon multiview, 30 July 1966, “Dear All, Having a wonderful time – this is a grand spot for a holiday!!! Wrong address on 3 previous attempts – hope this reaches you O.K. Lots of love, John, Margaret & /michael xxx”

Blackpool multiview, 1 August 1962, “Dear R. Many thanks for parcel & letter, sorry you have been kept so busy, would happen like that wouldn’t it. Dad was pleased with the onion news, What happened about the garden & shallots. Thanks for watching the plants, but please don’t worry over them, love from us all, we’re here today Thursday. Mum Dad & Ernie xx”

A postcard of a photograph (c.1913) from the Beaford Archive re-photographed by Ella’s father, photographer James Ravilious. The image – “Blacksmiths shoeing horses” – shows the forge at Dolton, Devon. Reuben Clements, at the right, said the photo was taken by Russian students, just before World War One. Image (c) The Beaford Archive.

The Post Office Tower, London, by night, 19 September, 1967. “19/9/67 — My Darling Ro, I genuinely prefer Liverpool Cathedral but at least this is lit up, which is more that I ccan say after today’s meetings. Home soon — All my love Val xxxx”

Ella’s postcard of a photograph by James Ravilious – “Ivor Brock rescuing a lamb in a blizzard”, February 1978. Image (c) The Beaford Archive

A musical postcard: Spinning Women from Hosszúhetény.