Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are comedian and author ROBIN INCE (Infinite Monkey Cage, I’m a Joke and So Are You) and traveller and travel writer LOIS PRYCE (Lois on the Loose, Red Tape & White Knuckles, Revolutionary Ride). In this episode, both Robin and Lois break the poorly enforced rules and bring in literally hundreds of postcards – packed full of memories and ideas. Along the way we discover the Curse of Bob The Builder, Robin’s burgeoning bloodlust and the secret horrors lurking inside a London telephone box. Plus live banjo music. Pack your saddlebags, locate the automated curtain button and prepare to encounter a monstrous need. Wish you were here?

“Today we went mackrel fishing at Brixham, Bill caught about six fish but I didn’t bother, because I didn’t like seeing them wriggle.”
Some of the hundreds of home-made postcards sent to Lois by her husband
Lois’ postcard created from a photograph taken by a group of rugby players at Cape Hope.
Some of Robin’s inspiration and ideas postcards – some of these ideas made it into shows, some are still – 13 years on – waiting to find a creative home…
“If I couldn’t take a better picture than this, I’d sell my camera and buy a gramophone.”
Tom’s very first postcard: “Billy the Kid (chimpanzee) Cromer Zoo. Played games but was realy fiece.”
 Lois’ inspirational postcard – an optimistic message or is it a threat?
Robin’s correspondence from Boris Karloff’s widow, received as a child and recently framed for display.
“Stayed in last evening & watched Murder She Wrote. Dad went downstairs and had a drink but I did not feel like one so had a cup of tea in my bedroom.”
Lois’ souvenir from the Gene Autry Museum – bought because it shared the name of her houseboat.