Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are musician Sarah Gail Brand and historian Peter Mitchell (Imperial Nostalgia). We make sure the TV is tuned to Neighbours as we consider the spiritual possibilities of music, the perils of nostalgia (imperial and otherwise), bring the irresponsible archivists into the unfolding chaos of history, and steer clear of the Banana Night Shop. It’s Shreddies with a hint of pub carpet. Don’t miss the Bridal Spectacular. Wish you were here?

Ilam Rock and Pickering Tor, Dovedale, Derbyshire, 13 August 1998, “Im having a great time. I only got here this morning. They’ve got a TV here so ill be able to watch neighbours. Tommorow I think we’re going to a museum tomorrow.”
Sarah’s promotional postcard from blues and jazz guitarist Billy Jenkins. Sarah played on the CD this postcard was promoting.
Peter’s postcard of a photograph by Keith Patterson during the Miners’ Strike. The postcard was used for a congratulations message to Peter from his mother, on passing his A-levels.
“Greetings From Warrington”, an unlikely multiview showing the old fish market, the shopping mall, and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, none of them at their best. This card was sent to Sarah as a birthday card, by her friend, drummer Mark Sanders.
Canisp and Suilven from Lochinver-Stoer Road. Peter’s card – bought on eBay, complete with drawing-pin hole – is a both souvenir of a trip he made to climb this mountain, and inspiration for a return visit.
A musical postcard showing a view of Torun, Poland. The grooves on the  image of the medieval city hold the bouncy sounds of a Polish beat group.