Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are cartoonist Jeremy Banx (FT, Private Eye, New Statesman) and author Ruth Thomas (The Snow and the Works on the Northern Line, Things to Make and Mend). We head to the trippers’ haunts and bric-a-brac bazaars to consider the Bristol Superfreighter, bubble cars in La Plata, and Blackpool as margarine; we follow a sheep up the stairs, avoid a disaster at the Hungarian Circus and hear about a childhood correspondence with Tove Jansson. Plus memory, regret and the perils of going back. You know the sort of life we lead. Wish you were here?

Lago di Lugano, 19th August 1958, “Sorry to be such a poor correspondent but you know the sort of life we lead. Are enjoying a stay here but there is some tension between those members who like the trippers’ haunts and bric-a-brac bazaars and those who like the unsophisticated village reached by forest paths.”
The Lanes, Brighton, 4th August 1989, “having a nice time no rain been out most DAY. Went to a Hungarian Circus of Wedday night The next night the motorbike act had a fall glad we were not at it that night we are going over to auntie for a day on Thurday it a must.”
Ruth’s postcard of a room at the Geffrye Museum (now Museum of The Home). 
Ferryfield Airport AKA Lydd Airport. Jeremy’s card shows the Bristol Superfreighter, which he took as a child, to Le Touquet.
Ibiza, Santa Eulalia, Playa Es Cana, 14th August, 1982, “I’m glad you had better weather in Torquay than ours in Cornwall last week! However we are more than making up for that now. We are enjoying reading, swimming and sunbathing in regular doses. Tomorrow we go out for the day on a beach party with organised games etc. Tonight we are going to have an anniversary meal together – a pizza of some kind! 2 6-8 inch long lizards scampered past just now. The man nearest the camera in red bathing shorts hires out the pedalo boats.”
Ruth’s card of Scottish ponies. She sent the card as a child, and it found its way back to her, many years later.
Jeremy’s card showing a Spanish donkey. It was sent by his grandmother, and was one of her few cards with a genuinely personal message.
Pixieland Bakery hard at work: a musical postcard.