Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are food writer and broadcaster TIM HAYWARD (Loaf Story, Knife, The DIY Cook) and from University of Brighton, academic ANNEBELLA POLLEN (Mass Photography: Collective Histories of Everyday Life, Nudism in a Cold Climate). We explore the aesthetics of John Hinde postcards, semi-ritual pig killing and a remarkable coincidence at Monte Cassino; we stroll a Victorian Brighton walkway under threat, join the witches and weirdoes and hippies and others, as we chase life stories in photo albums. Plus a glimpse of collectors’ dreams and collectors’ nightmares, secret messages and the dirtiest postcard of all. Cut on dotted line for a cocktail coaster. Wish you were here?

Good Luck from BELFAST, multiview, August 1961, “Am at home at present but am due back on Tues 15th for 2nd retreat. First one went not too bad – please continue to pray. I have a very special intention – a friend is involved in a lawsuit for several thousand pounds & the case comes up on Monday next. Hope you have had a good rest & that your health is keeping the best. God bless you…”
Annebella’s postcard of Madeira Road, Brighton – now Madeira Drive – probably around 1905. The cast-iron Madeira Terrace was built in 1890.
The card is actually from the Brighton Museum collection. “Were any of your relations staying at…”
“… Albion House, Brighton. I have got some news for you but as I dont want any bodyelse to read it I will try & put it under the stamp. Yours truly Burton.” Burton did write something under the stamp, but the mysterious message is all but destroyed – either when the stamp was removed, or later? All that remains are the words “get” and “off.”
Tim’s postcard from the Tour D’Argent in Paris: of time spent with a silver duck press…
SCENIC VIEW Cocktail COASTER, 22 May 1967, “Well here we are again. I hope the weather brightens up before the week is out, or rather that the wind will drop. It was a lovely thought this morning that we didn’t have to go to work. Cheerio for now. Love Mavis”
Tim’s postcard showing a high view of the town square in Bournemouth, Dorset – showing Bobby’s which became Debenhams, the shop that became Jean Genie, and Forte’s Restaurant, where a young Tim Hayward gained his first – and formative – experience of restaurant kitchen life.
A dirty postcard, literally. This 1960s Bamforth’s comic card plays on the notion of a “dirty” postcard, with a printed smear. But this example, from Annebelle’s collection, is also grubby from use, and the message completely faded from sunlight. 
A musical postcard: a view of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary on a Colorvox 45.