Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are broadcaster and academic TOM SHAKESPEARE (Disability Rights and Wrongs) and Classic FM’s ANNE-MARIE MINHALL. We uncover teenage memories from Suffolk, Viking marauders in Newcastle, the cricketing knowhow of Alf Gover and unresolved complexity in Mona Hatoum’s sculptures. Plus Motorhead on the Isle of Man, Lonnie Donegan in Blackpool, Red Cabbage and the mystery of the Mexican Jumping Bean. God bless you always (and grant you a 4 and a half inch lolly). Wish you were here?

I’VE FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT WORK on the ISLE OF MAN, 3 June 1984: “Dear Ma & Da Having a great time rather is good but it was raining this morning. Going to see Moorhead to night. See you. David”
Tower of London and Tower Bridge, 23 October 1978: “Today we are at the Tower of London & Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge is lovely and Tower of London is fantastic and I saw the lovely Crown Jewels. It was a lovely day to go but a bit crowded. I had a 4½ inch lolly and mum bought me and Mandy a Jumping Bean each. Love from Jackie B.”
Anne-Marie’s postcard from her step-mother. A nostalgic promotion for Adnams Brewery.
Tom’s postcard of the Oseberg ship at the Viking Ship Museum, Oslo.
Best Wishes from Blackpool, 30 July 1963: “Having a lovely time the weather is just right, boy is it hot feel like a red Indian. We have got tickets to see Lonnie Donegan Show on Friday. Hope Mr Smith is keeping better. Regards to all.”
Anne-Marie’s postcard showing a reproduction of the jacket of Alf Gover’s ‘How to Play Cricket’.
Tom’s postcard of Mona Hatoum’s “Untitled (wheelchair)”, 1998.
God Bless You Always – a postcard record.