Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are historian ALEX VON TUNZELMANN (Indian Summer, Fallen Idols) and director and playwright JACK MCNAMARA (Love From Cleethorpes, Dare to Look Down!). We discover embroidered children from Spain, the sinister images of Alfred Hitchcock, fur coats in Beirut and Cairo and imagine the childhood of Lemmy Kilminster. Plus experiments in postcard storytelling, practical tips on which monarchs are most easily toppled and the unexpected history of Alton Towers. Have a divine time and avoid being cancelled on both sides. Wish you were here?

Gordale Scar, Yorkshire, 25 September 1974: “Arrived safely. Conditions bearable, food O.K. Weather worse than Dorset. Spent to-day in 2 jumpers, jacket cagoule, scarf, trouser & over trousers; just about warm. You wouldn’t believe the cold on the Moors.”
L’Arc de Triomphe: “My four days in Paris are now over, thank heaven! Paris in the spring with your girl in very nice but not with 40 school kids walking behind, in front and alongside you!!”
Jack’s imagined postcard from Alton Towers – part of his postcard theatre project for New Perspectives Theatre Company “Dare to Look Down!”.
Alex’s card sent from Spain by her grandmother. Embroidery, large-eyed cartoon children and a delayed flight.
The Market Square, Shrewsbury, April 1968: “Having a divine time. Went on a 6-mile hike yesterday – blisters, aching bones etc etc. Thought the chap on the front looked like Grandma Norman.”
Jack’s postcard from the novelist and playwright Don De Lillo. 
Alex’s postcard – bought in Beirut – showing Egyptian actress Sherihane in a photograph by Fouad Elkoury.
A musical postcard: Sopron, Hungary.