Joining Tom Jackson – recorded remotely thanks to the brilliant Wardour Studios – to discuss the postcards from their pasts are writer and broadcaster BOB FISCHER (Wiffle Lever To Full!, Summer Winos) and media and communications consultant and writer RACHAEL CHADWICK (60 Postcards). Together, we wade in nostalgia for school outward bound centres, explore a unique grief project in Paris, try living without the internet and learn about a family postcard mystery in the East End. Plus Saturday Night Fever finally reviewed by a pack of girl guides. Wish you were here?

Harlech Castle, Gwynedd, 1979. “We visited Harlech today. Weather is still wet and Penny took the guides to Pwllheli yesterday evening to see “Saturday Night Fever” with John Travolta (what rubbish!!) even the guides thought so and its a well known film.”
Bleak House, Broadstairs, 1967. “Having a restful holiday with plenty of sunshine. Broadstairs has some very interesting place. So sorry to have forgotten your surname.”
An example of the message on Rachael’s postcards that she left across Paris, as part of her “60 Postcards” project.
The picture side of one of Rachael’s “60 Postcards”. Norman Parkinson’s “Dizy Queen”, 1960.
Bob’s souvenir card from the Carlton Outdoor Leisure Centre.
Rachael’s card received from a friend in Brunei, during a self-imposed offline month when, without digital connectivity, she relied on analogue communication, including postcards.
Bob’s postcard at the heart of a family mystery. The gentleman pictured is Mr. Richards, Bob’s grandmother’s step-father. 
A musical postcard featuring the dishy Stephan Reuter.