Joining Tom Jackson – recorded remotely thanks to the brilliant Wardour Studios – to discuss the postcards from their pasts are children’s author JONATHAN MERES and artist LIZA ADAMCZEWSKI. Together, we discover the identity of the boy petting the donkey, houses won in card games, how much Marco found on the beach with his metal detector, who you might meet at Bush House and why a lengthy journey to the silver sands of Morar was worth making. Plus a bookshop behind a bed, mystery voices and a sharp-shooter in Melton Mowbray. Wish you were here?

Jonathan Meres can be found on twitter at @JonathanMeres.
Liza Adamczewski can be found at and on twitter at @lizaadamczewski.

Dorset coast. “There are lots of quarries here and fossils can be found here. So far my brother and I have found 39½p and one silver spoon on our metal detector.”
Liza’s card of Samuel Palmer’s ‘In a Shoreham Garden’. A card from her much loved tutor.
Jonathan’s multi-view of Morar.
Ilfracombe, 1967. “Hullo! Syb. Just a card saying we shall be home about 9 ‘clock sat. evening & don’t forget to tell milkman to leave four pints Sat. morn. as always. I’m writing this in the holiday inn listening to the organ & very nice helps the meal along.”
A bullfinch: one of Liza’s gilded postcards. Part of her #1000postcards project.
Jonathan’s postcard of Sutton-on-Sea. The boy in the red windcheater is the young Jonathan Meres.
A musical postcard: the Kitzbuheler National Singers.