Joining Tom Jackson – recorded remotely thanks to the wizards at Wardour Studios – to discuss the postcards from their pasts are actress and broadcaster MARIA MCERLANE and professor of philosophy MARK KINGWELL. Join us as we consider the Woolworth building, mix a Ward Eight, make an artistic enhancement to Queen Victoria, and capture the precise moment when lockdown started on a postcard. Plus windmills, broken windows and a barn full of ephemera. Wish you were here?

The Market Cross, Chichester, 1972: “Pontins Holiday Camp, Selsey. Just to say we are enjoying ourselves here, in company of about 1000 others, so you can guess that its a bit noisy at times. I wish I had brought my tape recorder to record the noise at meal times.”
King’s College Avenue, Cambridge – Daffodils, 1987: “After two days of engaged tones, I conclude that your phone is out of order and send this card instead.”
Mark’s card of the Woolworth Building.
Maria’s card of Warrior Square, St Leonard’s, featuring the statue of Queen Victoria…
…which in more recent times was customised by Maria.
A Post Office Fellowship Centre, Dumbleton Hall, Worcestershire, 1987: “How many key rings have you now? did you carry on collecting, or find some other things interesting?”
The Locke-Ober Cafe, Boston, Mass. Mark’s souvenir of the Boston eatery, purchased when it closed down.
Maria’s postcard that she wrote to her mother on the day Britain went into lockdown.
Windmills of Norfolk, 1973: “Haveing good fun David broken a window”
A musical postcard from Brussels.