Joining Tom Jackson – recorded remotely thanks to the wizards at Wardour Studios – to discuss the postcards from their pasts are jazz singer and broadcaster IAN SHAW and money coach and podcaster MARTHA LAWTON. Join us as we put our cards on the table and dive fully-dressed into the swirling waters of Bantham, capture the calm before the storm in Barbados, and consider the poppies of Montecassino. Wish you were here?

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The Great Orme from Happy Valley, Llandudno, 1966: “A horrid man banged into my car yesterday & smashed it up a bit, but I managed to drive into Llandudno.”
Looe, 1963: “I hope you are enjoying yourself. You are having lovely weather. Your mouse is very tame. He took the biscuit out of my hand this morning. Mine is not quite so tame yet. We are keeping them indoors as the shed is very hot. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”
Martha’s card of Bantham in Devon, location for idyllic childhood holidays, but murder is in the air and swimmers should beware the deadly rip currents.
Ian’s canal-side view card from Amsterdam, sent home in the early days of his career, when he toured the piano bars of the world.
Tenby: “Hilda & Frank have done some beautiful paintings – they really need another room for all their work.”
Trier, Germany: another incorrect competition entry.
Martha’s free student art postcard – Ophelia in Converse…
Ian’s postcard from Bermuda. Another missive from his piano bar touring days, this one sent just before the trip became very dramatic.
A musical postcard: The Poppies of Montecassino.