Joining Tom Jackson – recorded in the golden, faraway days before lockdown – to discuss the postcards from their pasts are writer & podcaster SIÂN PATTENDEN (Smash Hits, the Guardian, Agatha Bilke, Bigmouth podcast) and writer and performer BEN MOOR (Fist of Fun, A Supercollider for the Family, Undone, Coelacanth, Who Here’s Lost). We get ribbed about carpets, assess the joys of the suburbs, discover a million postcard artworks and confess to badgering Alan Bennett; the journey takes us from the shifting pebbles of Whitstable to a comfort break at the most talked about men’s restroom in the world with Stewart Lee and Kevin Eldon. Wish you were here?

Le Puy-en-Velay, France 1965 “I came through here on my way. Alas that the randmom-ness of old towns will never happen again, when we do it now it comes out like the great west road or Slough.”
York Minster, 1974 “The Guest House is really something, all carpets and beautiful bedrooms.”
Siân’s card of a traditional farm gateway – with a kind message from Alan Bennett, who she was definitely not stalking.
Ben Moor’s postcard of “the majestic Ben More.”
A 2002 promotional postcard kept by Ben, advertising the Channel 4 programme The Art Show. 1 million cards were produced, and each was signed and numbered by a member of artists’ collective Foundation 33.
Inner Harbour, Torquay, 1970. “It has turned rainy so I treated myself to a new expensive “hairdo” this morning & spent most of my ready cash on a shopping spree bad for my bank balance but jolly good for the morale!”
Siân’s 1982 FIRST CLASS postcard of old Twickenham, from her mother. “I tried to get Smash Hits today but doesn’t seem to be coming out till 5th August. Can you see the changes wrought on our home town?”
Another postcard sent to Siân by her mother, this one concerning an insurance bill. The painting is ‘Allegro Strepitoso’  by Carel Weight, 1932. “Dear Sian, tried to get in touch with you telephonically today…”
Ben’s postcard from the extraordinary Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California. Pictured, the clamshell basins of the gentlemen’s lavatory. “The most talked about men’s restroom in the world.” A souvenir of a 1995 road trip that Ben took with Stewart Lee and Kevin Eldon.
Nerja, 1996. “It was good to speak to you on Watty’s phone. She does enjoy it now, although she never wanted a telephone before.
A Polish musical postcard. Porcelain figures from the Museum in Warsaw – overlaid with record grooves. The music is Mieczysław Fogg.