Joining Tom Jackson – recorded in the golden, faraway days before lockdown – to discuss the postcards from their pasts are comedian ALEX KEALY and musician KATE GARNER. In an episode littered with aliases, we meet Tompy, Wifey, Ex-Wifey, Bimbo Clive-Barclay and Pottle. We hear memories of Chas Hodges, exploding televisions, Mapp and Lucia and chain letters. Wish you were here?

Cattolica, Italy, 1962: “I am having a lovely time here and the weather is wonderful. The food is quite nice but they dish up soup appearing like grated rice in vinegar.”
Seefeld, Tirol, Austria: “We are using the water heater for a cup of coffee at the moment and then intend to have an early night.”
Kate’s postcard from her father, Chas Hodges, with his own version of Uncle Tom Cobbley.
Alex’s card of Q and James Bond. A thank-you card from his friend Alice (AKA Wifey) who acted as a temporary mentor for him at university. “Dear Hubs…” 
Alex’s follow-up card of a Parisian pleasure-garden, also from Alice (now AKA Ex-Wifey). 
Alex’s postcard – with blu-tack – of Double Portrait of the Artist in Time by Helen Lundeberg. 
Another Blu-Tack memory of Alex’s: the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, bought at the airport.
Ambleside, Cumbria, 1980: “The caravan is super, it has a lounge, breakfast room, 3 bedrooms & the breakfast department can be a bedroom, toilet & kitchen department.”
A Fonoscope musical postcard of Piccadilly Circus.