Joining Tom Jackson – recorded in the golden, faraway days before lockdown – to discuss the postcards from their pasts are comedian HOLLY BURN and comedy writer DALE SHAW. We blow the housekeeping on a daytrip to London with the Backstreet Boys and Blood Sausage, meet a dead pig in Westphalia, take tea in Hexham and fist the mousse – as they say in darts.  Wish you were here?

Emperor Augustus, Orange, France, 1969: “I will get you the new French stamps and will use my discretion as regards others.”
Trafalgar Square, 1974: “Hi, Just down here for the day. Ran out of money so I took David to Christies and said he was a rare antique HA HA There goes my house-keeping for being cheeky.”
Holly’s Backstreet Boys “Studio Shot” postcard from 2002 – a perfect excuse for Holly to namedrop that she’s appearing in Maxxx, a sitcom with one of them… 
A chomped stiletto on Holly’s promotional postcard advertising a new Mars bar
Dale’s card from Jeff, Daniel Johnston’s manager – with the frog image as worn by Kurt Cobain – announcing news about a big record deal. “Daniel Johnston is engaged to be married.”
A “loonie postcard” from Minnesota – an on-the-spot souvenir of Dale’s up and down musical times in the States as part of Blood Sauage, addressed but never sent to Lewisham. “Today the shit really hit the fan…”
Ambleside, 1971: “We had a nice run down yesterday in rather dull but dry weather. I consumed a whole bottle of lucozade and feel much the better of it. The place we are staying at is very comfortable indeed and we are both thoroughly enjoying our wee holiday.”
Holly’s card of Hexham Abbey, Northumberland, from 2008. Sent by her grandfather, who cas a keen postcard correspondent, it surprised Holly with its reference to an anniversary celebration of 50 years of Ugandan Independence.

Dale’s mystery postcard: “Mike Bamber, a gem of a man”. Who made this art card? When? And why?

Krudenburg, Germany, 1981: ”Yesterday I went to an old house and saw various things, including a dead pig hanging from the ceiling.”
A  musical postcard from Ilfracombe in Devon, in sensational VISTASOUND.