Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are the hosts of the excellent Is It Rolling, Bob? podcast ( ), actors KERRY SHALE and LUCAS HARE. We get stuck inside of Florence, take the big wheel in Yokohama, travel from bedsitland to Athena, meet Mr Natural and consider the challenges of buying Bob Dylan records in York in 1966. Wish you were here?

When pods collide: our special guests Kerry Shale and Lucas Hare from Is It Rolling, Bob?
Holkham, Norfolk, 1977. “On the beach and quite near us was an old ldy. On the way back an officer made sonversation with the chauffeur and he said it was the Queen Mother.”
Multiview, Bognor Regis, Sussex. “Weather so far has been lovely but yesterday we for blown off the beach so we came home and flew Debra’s kite in the field. The string broke & Mick had to negotiate a ditch, barbed wire, thorn bushes & a troop of angry bullocks to retrieve it.”
Luke’s postcards from his inter-railing days. Venice. “It is now poinltess to put any of these cards in the post.”
Kerry and his wife Suzanne in a postcard of a painting painted by his friend Rufus Wright. 
From Kerry’s bedsit days, a postcard of a Lucien Freud’s “Interior at Paddington”, 1951. “It reminded me of me.”
Another remnant from a bedsit decorated with 100 postcards: Michael Redgrave as Hamlet, by Bryan Kneale.
Monk Bar, York, 1966. “It’s okay for Friday any time between 10 and 11 will do. If you want those singles they are 3 bob each. 
– Subterranean Homesick Blues
– Maggies Farm
– Like a Rolling Stone’
I think that his latest is great it’s called “One of us must know” I have not got “Bringin’ it all back on Home” LP yet but I am getting it on Sat.
See you Friday – Trevor”
Salcombe, Devon, 1980. A postcard from Luke to his parents, sent from boarding school.
December 1996. Luke was on tour in Japan and Korea with The Tempest. A postcard sent home from Seoul. “You’re right. Living out of hotel rooms and a battered suitcase is beginning to take its toll.”
Robert Crumb is a favourite artist of Kerry’s. Here is Crumb’s character Mr Natural…
..and a promotional postcard for Kerry’s show on OneWord radio, for which he adapted Crumb artwork.
Loch Ness, 1963. “I must bring my Projector over and show you some of the places we visited.”
The Cathedrale Saint-Pierre, Geneva, on a singing postcard. Sold at the time to raise finds for the Cathedral organ, the organ pre-repair is featured, playing Bach’s Toccata.