Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are actor and writer SIMON KANE (Time Spanner, North by Northamptonshire, Shunt, The Monster Hunters, John Finnemore’s Double Acts) and critic and author CHRIS POWER (The Guardian, Mothers). Get your perm done, slip on your lurex and join a solemn bus tour tour round a crumbling gnome village, witness the mysterious Wayne, Wendy and a performing seal, marvel at the Lord Mayor’s Show of Misery (and Murder?), sample flowers, oysters, Blu-Tack and champagne. Wish you were here?

Countisbury Hill, Devon, 1974. “Forgot to tell you Jennifer wore that trouser & dress you sent (shiny lurex). I have had my hair cut short and had a perm Norman likes it.”
Chris’ card from Seaworld, Florida, 1989. “…P.S. I saw Wayne on TV.” But who is Wayne?
The Empire State Building, New York, 1991. This card was sent to Chris by Wendy – but he can’t remember who Wendy was, is, or might be…
Simon’s postcard of a beer-swilling German birthday. The card was actually sent to him by a friend from Germany who was travelling Europe by train. “More men are using creative mumbling as a stepping-stone to honest communication.”
Is it an artist’s garret? No, it’s the Smithy at Gretna Green, once a popular destination for eloping couples (and tourists). Simon was sent this postcard by a friend who had an influence on his sense of what acting and direction could be. 
In honour of Chris’ book of short stories, Mother, three vintage birthday postcards designed to be sent to mothers.
A postcard sent from Rome to Chris by his father. “Dear Chris, Rome is cool… JP2 sends his regards”
Simon’s postcard of William Logstail’s painting  “Ninth of November” 1888. Simon bought this postcard at the Guildhall Gallery in London. He was drawn to it by the date – a key date in the history of the East London killings of 1888. Is there a connection?
The North Bar, Beverley, Yorkshire. “I’m bored (as usual) & am sitting in front of the T.V. wondering whether to turn it on or not.”
A “Recordaview” musical postcard of Castle Urquhart, Inverness-shire.