Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are journalist and novelist SOPHIA MONEY-COUTTS (The Plus One, What Happens Now?) and writer KEIRON PIM (Jumpin’ Jack Flash, The Bumper Book of Dinosaurs, Into The Light). We explore the seamier side of 1960s London, discover why Sophia never climbed Kilimanjaro, and take a trip to Tupelo, Mississippi to lament the passing of the journalistic jolly. Along the way we consider the Devil and Herb Ritts, the lost art of slow slide descent, and witness 331/3 revolutions in parliament. Wish you were here?

Ballet de Paco Lucia, 1966. “Dear Kath & Alex. We are having a grand time we have met 2 people from Huddersfield and went to a night club last night but didn’t stay as Coke as 3/8 each went to a bar and got 4 rum & coke for 3/10. Was great – finished up on champagne. Next week Kath & I are going bullfighting only baby bulls though, should be a laugh anyway. Jeanette & Keith”
Keiron’s postcard of a Bavarian lake – actually posted in Orpington in Kent – and sent to him by his uncle, the journalist Brian Case: words of encouragement for Keiron on the publication of his first book.
Sophia’s postcard that she sent to her grandmother on her somewhat ill-starred trip to climb Kilimanjaro with her father as a rite of passage to mark her 18th birthday. (“…Minor disagreement between Soph’s head and a table…)
Sussex by the Sea, 1984. “So many boys keep asking me to dance, but there’s so many, we have to keep saying no. But seriously we have been asked to dance by two men and both are creeps.”
Keiron’s postcard of the Tupelo Hardware Company, in Tupelo Mississippi. A hardware store that has a place in musical history because Elvis Presley bought his first guitar there.
“Man with Chain”, a postcard sent to Sophia by her father when she was at boarding school, age 11. A Herb Ritts nude, naturally.​ “Best I could do today!”
St Michael Triumphs Over The Devil by Bartolome Bermejo: a National Gallery postcard sent to Sophia by her grandmother. “…St Michael doesn’t see the joke at all.”
Southport. “Les met me at the bus-station but the bus stopped at Lord Street. However he found me in the cafe near the Palace. I took the stick and sat on it & broke in the two but Les is going to get me another one in town.”
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament on a singing postcard. A bit scratchy but 33 and a 1/3 revolutions per minute for Big Ben.