Joining Tom Jackson to discuss the postcards from their pasts are cultural journalist ANDREW MALE (MOJO, Sight & Sound) and playwright, journalist and broadcaster BONNIE GREER. We discover the postcard from the National Gallery that inspired Bonnie’s first novel, explore the frozen world of lenticular 3D postcards in Shakespeare’s psychedelic garden and encounter the Smoking Moon-Faced Dandy. Wish you were here?

The card that inspired Bonnie’s first novel: Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando by Edgar Degas.


Andrew’s lenticular card of Shakespeare’s Psychedelic Garden


Bonnie’s card from Neil McGregor: Indian Medicine Man, ‘The Flyer’ by John White


Andrew’s sinister Smoking Moon Dandy


Andrew’s card sent by his wife to his mother: Leigh-on-Sea


Tom’s Cards

“We went up into the mountains with the lochs and lake, and on the way up there I was as sick as a dog.”


“Plenty of people about. The phone boxes are lovely tell Trev.”


“Jacqueline and I were playing trying to splash each other, but she hit me with a stone; my ankle is swollen.”


“Mabel you’d go crackers over the shops here. Never seen such a variety and nice assistants in jeans.”